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Syeikh Muhammad

Sheikh Muhammad is a Sheikh from Yemen who was brought specifically to teach the Koran in al-Wildan, he has a very extraordinary motivation especially for the quality of the reading of the Koran santri al-wildan, Holder of 2 diplomas of the history of Imam Hafs from Ashim through syatibiyah pathway, Holder of the World's Highest Sanad Qiroah Hafs from Ashim, Holder of Qiroah Sab'ah, Director of the Tahfizh Schools for 6-year term in Yemen With the knowledge and experience that you have, insyaAllah will greatly improve the quality of al-wildan students, especially in the field of the Koran both reading and memorizing. Because students interact every day, students will get used to and be able to learn how a word is pronounced, how to understand native speech and practice listening in the right way.