Info Teacher

Dr. Makruf

What is Native? Many are still confused and do not even know the existence of a Native Master. The question above may have crossed the mind of the reader. Native is a person who uses language since childhood (Born). So they will speak, write, read and listen actively with English as the Mother tongue. Native speaker teachers have a big role in the development of conversational skills of a person / student, this is because naturally students can learn how a word is pronounced, how to understand native speech and practice listening in the right way. Native speakers at al-wildan, insha'Allah, can speak Indonesian and thank God one Aqeedah and the same manjhad, so that they can explain to students who are not yet well-versed with the intentions explained by NATIVE. because students are sometimes confused with what will be said if they forget one of the vocabularies, so that in the end it uses sign language, and not students understand but rather the opposite. God willing, al-Wildan provided by the Translate teacher so that it is very helpful for both children and Native in the learning process, especially for new students. The target pursued by Al-Wildan international Islamic school is that for 3 months students must be able to master English, so that dil-wildan applied class MAPPING. What is a mapping class? ..... Class mapping or class mapping that is children will be tested in advance the level of mastery of language, especially English, after we know the abilities of the children then each class will be determined according to the ability of children, mapping the first class will usually be valid for as long as, after seeing the results then the class can be determined or re-divided according to the ability of children in mastering English, why should it be remapped? .... Please forgive beforehand before the writer continues the explanation. Different children have different characters, different children have different levels of intelligence, different children have different levels of understanding in receiving lessons. so that this matter is highly considered in al-wildan in order to facilitate the teacher in providing material, it is not possible for students who are mediocre in terms of absorbing material to be compared to children who are exceptional or quick to respond and understand quickly with the material provided. So it really needs a mapping class so that it makes it easier for teachers to provide materials and methods according to the needs of the children in their class. With the special NATIVE SPEAKER imported from abroad such as from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, sudan as native speaker of the Qur'an, America, Australia, Ukraine (UK) as native English, most of whom are alumni of well-known universities from their respective countries Even NATIVE currently has a DOCTOR title, It is our hope that AL-WILDAN INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC SCHOOL students will be qualified and have character, because they are used to NATIVES in schools so their language is not in doubt. If it is grounded, durian fruit will not fall from zalacca fruit, certainly durian fruit is definitely from durian fruit as well. AL-WILDAN INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC SCHOOL is not a student of achievement but AL-WILDAN INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC SCHOOL will create or create high-quality, high-achieving students.