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Khalid Hamed El-Neel Mohamed

I am happy and happy to teach at al-wildan and I hope with the knowledge that I have can useful and can teach Arabic good and right to santri al-wildan "Khalid Hamed El-Neel Mohamed". With the Kholid Sheikh in al-Wildan, we are very confident that the quality of children will be better and more character, given that with the expertise he has we are very confident of being able to increase the quality of children, especially Arabic. Sheikh Khalid is a native born person and grew up in Sudan, automatically the grammer can. as well as with the educational background of tertiary education BS.C Telecommunications engineering with honors degree from Future University sudan as well as with his experience especially in the field of education namely at Al-Safa Khartoum International School Sudan, God willing, can be able to improve the quality of al-wildan international Islamic students school and so that al-wildan students can learn Arabic with an Arabic dialect, when they say the Arabic sentence is right or or there is a similarity with the Arabic intonation, if the Indonesian intonation is different, the Indonesian people speak Arabic differently from the Arabic speaking Indonesian, which is more special, if we can follow the tone and tone of the Arabs, that is what we really want, we will not get it unless we learn from the native Arabs. If native Arabic is original, the sentences they say are really native to Arabic, while for local ones, sometimes we use translate sentences, or sentences as translations as we say sentences that move from Arabic to Indonesia, so from the grammer is different, for example the grammer from the phrase "where are you going?" in terms of Indonesian that is translated into Arabic, right "ila aina?" but in Arabic accent if you ask where are you going "Aina Talhab?" or "aina turib?" so in terms of the grammer it is different, so the grammer of indonesian people with a native arabian is different, the arabic grammer is better. student motivation if native is higher, getting used to hearing, so that if we hear or hear Arab people speak it immediately understands or understands, it's different from Indonesian people speak Indonesian we understand / understand, but if he speaks Arabic, we don't necessarily understand / understand. Because in terms of the letters, the grammar is different, we get our students used to it. Whenever we hear Arabic dialogue from native Arabs, they immediately understand. written above just a little picture of a little picture of the existing native, in essence we want to print the generation of the Qur'an with foreign language, especially Arabic quality and character.